Kernels hoping to get rid of 'gang of unruly people' in parking lot

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - A post on the Cedar Rapids Kernels' Facebook says the team has been "dealing with a gang of unruly people" in its parking lot.

The team said the group is impacting fans coming to games.

According to the post, members of the group drive "recklessly" and visits from law enforcement have not helped.

The team says it wants more fans to attend the games so that the group will have to go somewhere else.

"We do not condone any threats made to these individuals and if any threats continue we will be forced to hide our post," the team said in the comments section.

The team posted that the city owns the parking lot.

"...anything changed will need to be a collaborative effort. It wasn't our intent to deter people from coming, but rather help us solve the problem," the team posted in another comment.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department was tagged in the post.