Kennel owner fights to get animals back

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MANLY, Iowa (KCRG) -- The woman who owns an alleged puppy mill in north central Iowa was in court Tuesday asking for some of her animals back.

Barbara Kavars, the owner of White Fire Kennels, is not facing any charges right now. Authorities seized more than 150 dogs and four cats from her property near Manly, Iowa, last month.

Kavars testified Tuesday about how her breeding operation of Samoyed dogs was well established when her husband was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor in early 2014. The Globe Gazette reports the couple had been breeding Samoyeds since 1998.

Kavars' husband died in June of 2017. She said she tried to downsize her operation and turned 78 dogs over to the Humane Society. But she also said she only had a few of her dogs spayed or neutered during that time, and did not separate males and females.

Now, Kavars is asking to get back 13 of her animals - nine dogs and four cats.

“How will your attention to that be changed by the fact that these will be the only animals you have in your care?" Kavars' attorney asked during the hearing.

"Mainly because I will have so much more time for them," Kavars said.

A judge has not ruled yet on whether those animals will go back to her. Kavars told the court if she does get them, she does not intend to breed them.