Jones county auditor: engineer to survey 'Hula Hoop Tree' site

JONES COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG) -- Jones County Auditor Janine Sulzner tells TV9 the county's engineer, Derek Snead, has been tasked with surveying the area around the "Hula Hoop Tree" on E23 County Home Road near Amber following Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting.

Hula Hoop Tree in Jones County on September 9, 2019.

The move follows a board discussion about "liability concerns" with the tree.

The Hula Hoop Tree, which, as the name suggests, is covered in hundreds of hula hoops, has become a popular attraction in recent years and has even drawn visitors from out of state.

Snead says he will inspect the site in the coming days and plans to report his findings back to the Board of Supervisors at their next meeting.

Jones County Supervisor Lloyd Eaken told TV9 before the meeting he thought the future of the tree needed to be discussed because he believes it is "in bad shape." Eaken said he was worried that the tree, which is dead, and was even set on fire in 2017, will not be able to hold up the weight of the hundreds of hula hoops that surround its branches for much longer.

Eaken also said supervisors are considering making a new hula hoop tree somewhere else in the county to address the concerns.

Sulzner says no action concerning the tree was taken by the supervisors other than their request to Snead.

TV9 reached out to every member of the Jones County Board of Supervisors for comment on Tuesday morning but none have responded at this time.