Las Vegas shooting prompting extra security at the Jones County Fair

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JONES COUNTY, IA (KCRG-TV9)-- Jones County Sheriff Greg Graver says he's adding security measures at this year's County Fair.

The boost in security comes after the shooting last October that killed 58 people at a country concert in Las Vegas. Graver says he started talking with fair officials about safety measures right after the incident.

Graver says concert nights at the fair can bring more than 20,000 people to a tight space. That can make it a target, so they're putting together 2 action teams. Action team members will be equipped with snipers and heat seeking-devices watching everything that's going on.

Graver says people won’t notice the teams while they are at the fair. He says he wants it to be fun, but also safe.

He says, “Jones County is in the forefront of fair safety in the state.
Every year we've either changed or we've added security measures, and a lot depends on, we really watch what is going on nationally and internationally.”

The fair will be from July 19th-22nd Graver says officers from other departments will come help out during the fair. The fair will help cover their wages.

Leslie Hess was at the concert in Las Vegas during the shooting. She has gone to concerts since, but is still paranoid.

She says, "I always know where the exits are I did go to a smaller venue outdoor concert a few weeks ago, and I actually after the concert did contact them.”

She welcomes the extra security measures. She says, "I don't have any problems with it, or the snipers or anything. I think it's probably a good thing. Sadly that's what our world has come to."