Jefferson senior named first Hijabi teen to compete in Miss Iowa Teen pageant

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - 16-year-old Nadine Qadoura is a senior at Jefferson High School. As she prepares to graduate early, she is also preparing to compete in a National American Miss pageant.

Nadine is a finalist, and the first in the state to compete while wearing a hijab. A hijab is a traditional headscarf worn by some women of the Muslim faith.

“I was glad because I wanted to be in this competition for many reasons,” Qadoura said. “One of the reasons is to bust all the misconceptions about young women in this state, the misconception that, the notion that, if your hijabi you’re oppressed. I think in this way I’m going to represent what is it really to be a hijabi.”

Nadine is a member of the National Honor Society and her school’s international club. She also volunteers at St. Luke’s Hospital and participates in kickboxing.

She will compete in Omaha, Nebraska for the title on June 9 and 10.