Janesville junior dodges final with Aaron Rodgers retweet

Published: May. 19, 2017 at 11:18 PM CDT
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Teachers have heard all kinds of excuses from students who don't want to do a final exam. But, a Janesville high schooler may have one of the best. Aaron Rodgers. Yes, that Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

Peyton Meyer, a junior at Janesville Community School District, is the tweeter in this Twitter tale. While in class, Friday:

"We were going over the sports news like we do every day," said Meyer. "We were coming across a story that was about Kobe Bryant."

The basketball star had just gotten an Indianapolis class out its final exam by retweeting this from a student:


Kobe did, saying, "Hope you have an A in this class."

"I was like, what if we get one?" said Meyer.

Meyer and his class knew their teacher Laura Roberts had a sweet spot for the big cheese at the Green Bay Packers-- Rodgers.

"He's my favorite football player," said Roberts. "I have been Packers fan all of my life."

Her classroom proves that, adorned with Green Bay calendars, posters, tape dispensers and:

"A picture of an otter as Aaron Rodgers-- cause he's my favorite," said Roberts.

Meyer figured maybe he and his class could get out of their eight-page final paper if Rodgers gave him a retweet. The group crafted their plea, took a pic, and posted. Roberts even helped, thinking there was little chance the retweet would happen.

"But... I was very wrong," said Roberts with a chuckle.

Within an hour Rodgers spotted it and retweeted with the message:

"I'm sure a sports lit final is very important, but here you go... #PayItForwardFriday."

"I was sitting there and I was like, wait a minute," said Meyer, recounting when he first spotted the retweet. "This is the actual thing."

Roberts, being a promise keeper, let her class out of the paper.

She even gave the Packer prince, Rodgers, some praise for his post.

"He knows how much the Packer fan base appreciates everything he does and how much we love him," said Roberts. "So, this just sort of adds to awesome he is-- not just as a football player, but a person."

Meyer summed up his feelings about the whole thing in another tweet to Rodgers:


Janesville junior gets out of final with Rodgers retweet

Janesville junior gets out of final with retweet from Aaron Rodgers.

Posted by KCRG-TV9 on Friday, May 19, 2017