Hundreds already signed up for 'Iowa's Ride', director says

TJ Juskiewicz  (KCRG)
TJ Juskiewicz (KCRG)(KCRG)
Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 12:27 AM CDT
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The director of the bike ride that’s competing with RAGBRAI said hundreds of people have already signed up.

“Took people by surprise, like, all of a sudden there’s a new ride out there so a lot of people are waiting and seeing talking to team members,” said TJ Juskiewicz, Director of Iowa’s Ride. “We’ve received so many calls from all over the world saying 'hey we’re looking forward to seeing what happens'.”

Juskiewicz was hosting a new nonprofit called Iowa’s Festivals and Events. The idea is to help event coordinators across the state of Iowa network and focus on the strengths and weaknesses.

This comes after Juskiewicz and three others left RAGBRAI, a week-long, statewide, bike ride in July.

Juskiewicz said it was hard to leave RAGBRAI after working there for 16 years, but he didn’t like how the Des Moines Register’s parent company was handling the Carson King story.

“I wanted to be honest and transparent to the people who trusted me for those 16 years, he said. “I didn’t want to say OK wait let me get my talking points out because this is the narrative; if I can’t be honest and transparent I don’t want to give that answer.”

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