Iowa teachers rank in top 10 for pay

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Iowa's teachers rank in the top 10 nationally for teacher pay, according to a new analysis from NPR and the nonprofit EdBuild.

The review used 2016 salaries and looked at both actual pay and how that translates based on cost of living variances from state to state.

The new data comes as teachers in West Virginia and Arizona protest low pay and raises in recent years. The analysis shows both of those states towards the bottom of the rankings. Arizona ranked 48th and West Virginia ranked 43rd.

Iowa teachers made an average of $54,416 - ranking 23rd. But when accounting for cost-of-living, Iowa teachers made, on average, the equivalent of $60,868, ranking 8th in the nation.

A KCRG-TV9 Investigation earlier this month into education funding found many districts are struggling with budgets as salary costs rise faster than state funding increases.

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