Iowa official with 3 public jobs rips 'goofy' disclosure law

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) - A political appointee who works for three Iowa agencies is blasting an ethics law that requires him and others with multiple state jobs to disclose them on a specific form.

Employment Appeal Board member James Strohman called the law "goofy" and "kind of a dumb thing," saying no one knows about the requirement, it's not enforced and it gives the public little information.

Strohman earns $84,000 on the full-time board, to which Gov. Terry Branstad appointed him in 2014.

Strohman also has a halftime lecturer appointment at Iowa State University, where he teaches two online courses per semester and earned $42,000 last year. In addition, he typically teaches two or three courses each semester through Des Moines Area Community College, either online or at campuses.

Strohman recently filled out the form for the first time, under protest.