Iowa bill would expand parents' ability to not vaccinate their children

Cutout Photo: ZaldyImg / Flickr / CC BY 2.0 (MGN)
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(CNN) - A new bill in Iowa would allow parents to opt out of vaccinating their children if it conflicts with their philosophical beliefs.

If Senate File 329 passes, parents will no longer need a medical or religious exemption to opt out. Any parent who submits a form will not have to have their kids vaccinated, even if they attend school.

Iowa State Sen. Dennis Guth introduced the bill. The Republican lawmaker says giving parents the choice is important.

"Allow other people that option," he said. "To not vaccinate if they choose not to."

But doctors say this could endanger others. They say if the rate of unvaccinated people goes up, so will the rate of dangerous infectious diseases. They say vaccines are the best way of preventing illnesses worldwide.