Iowa State University study linking lack of sleep with anger

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AMES, Iowa (KCRG)-- Researchers at Iowa State have evidence that a lack of sleep makes you angry. They found this link by doing a two-night study where they split people off into two groups.

One group got their normal hours of sleep. While the other had their sleep cut short by about five hours every night.

They were then brought into a room where they had to listen to an annoying noise. People lacking sleep were a lot angrier by the noise than the ones who got a good night's rest.

A lack of sleep can cause emotional issues, with certain parts of the brain not being able to communicate with one another. Organizers say a lot of Americans aren't snoozing enough

"That's really mostly driven by mobile devices by smartphones right,” said Zlatan Krizan, Professor of Psychology with Iowa State University. “Those can be taken in the bedroom. Those can be sort of next to you 24/7, and prevalence and use in these devices have increased over the last 10 years just as sleep duration has decreased in adolescents. "

Researchers suggest people should get between seven to nine hours of sleep. Kids also need more than adults.

The next step in this study is to see if a lack of sleep will make people more physically aggressive.