Iowa Sec. of State: State voting system safe from cyberattacks

Published: Apr. 9, 2018 at 9:16 PM CDT
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Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate says Iowans should be confident in their votes on election day.

Pate says there are over 100,000 attempts to access state websites a day through breaches. In Iowa's case, Iowa's voter registration database isn't connected to the internet, so that isn't a problem. He says the database has never had a breach.

Pate works hand-in-hand with Homeland Security and all 99 county auditors to make sure Iowa elections are safe.

Monday, the Secretary of State's office handed out a Cybersecurity playbook to all candidates in Iowa. It offers tips to help campaigns avoid hacking or other cyber attacks.

Pate says hackers did try to get into Iowa's election systems during the 2016 election. Those attacks failed, but Pate says the hackers haven't stopped.

"What I want Iowans to hear is your system is intact. The integrity is there," Secretary Pate said. "We don't want propaganda, people will lose confidence in the system."

Pate says because Iowa uses paper ballots, there is always a failsafe to any cyber attack.