Iowa DOT allowing parents to administer a web-based driving test at home

Published: Apr. 13, 2020 at 8:56 AM CDT
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The Iowa Department of Transportation is now allowing parents, guardians and legal custodians to administer a web-based, written driver's knowledge test for students at home.

Last year the Iowa DOT began a program called

to allow students to take the test at approved educational sites. But to protect customers and staff, the DOT is expanding the program.

“Learning to drive is a milestone in many households that parents and teens typically go through together," Motor Vehicle Division Director Melissa Spiegel said. "This will allow kids to experience the excitement of achieving this milestone without having to wait until the COVID-19 emergency passes.”

To apply to take the test at home, the parent or guardian must have a valid driver's license and must submit an

form to the Iowa DOT. The parent and student will then be emailed instructions for how to administer and take the test. Upon completion, results will be emailed to the student.

After passing the test, the parent and student must schedule an appointment to visit a DOT service center or county treasurer's office to obtain their instruction permit.