Iowa City's Community Police Review Board will meet with police chief one-on-one

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - Iowa City has officially adopted changes to their Community Police Review Board- specifically, they will now be able to meet with the chief of police one-on-one.

The citizen-based review board in the city represents people who believe they were mistreated when interacting with police.

The amendment, officially adopted Tuesday, says if the board disagrees with the findings of an internal investigation led by Iowa City Police Chief Jody Matherly, the board can meet with the police chief one-on-one, but behind closed doors.

TV9 originally reported in the last five fiscal years, Iowa City police investigated 28 complaints against officers. In three of those complaints the board disagreed with the chief's finding. Until the amendment Tuesday, the discussions ended at that point.

Both board members and Chief Matherly told TV9 they were looking forward to this resolution passing.

"We investigate our own," Chief Matherly said. "And by the pure nature of that, that's suspicious. And having a set of eyes on that from this commission is important to us."

"This ordinance gives us the option now to have a remedy if we disagree with the chief," Community Police Review Board Chair Don King said.