Iowa City school officials name driver who hit 12-year-old, left the scene

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - Iowa City Schools officials have released the name of a driver who allegedly hit a 12-year-old student while transporting another student in a district-owned vehicle.

A sign outside of the central administration office for the Iowa City Community School District (Aaron Scheinblum/KCRG)

It happened more than two weeks ago.

The driver of the van has been identified as Corey Turner, 28, of North Liberty. District officials tell the I9 investigative team their investigation into the incident is now complete but at least for now Turner remains an employee.

Turner has been ordered by the court to pay a $100 fine over the incident for using an electronic device while driving.

Even though Turner left the scene after hitting the student, Iowa City police said a review of the case by the Johnson County Attorney's office concluded he did not violate Iowa law.

School board member Phil Hemingway tells I9 there is a video of the incident that shows Turner texting while driving and playing loud music before the crash. Hemingway said Turner also did not stop to help the student they hit.

Court records show Turner has had two speeding tickets, with the most recent incident happening in 2017. He's also been cited in the past for failing to obey a stop or yield sign and was once charged with failure to disperse. That charge however was later dismissed.

I9 has requested the Iowa City School District to turn over the video of what happened, but officials have yet to do so.

A year-long I9 investigation uncovered Turner is far from the only school district employee in eastern Iowa, responsible for transporting students, to have red flags on their driving record.