Iowa City resale store gives back locally and globally

Published: May. 10, 2017 at 6:23 PM CDT
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A non-profit that focuses on reselling clothes and other items also donates money to groups throughout Iowa City.

Lending a hand to people overseas and here at home. That's the goal of the Drop Inn Resale Store.

"Our desire is to help people bring hope, help and healing to people in need especially in the Johnson County area, mainly working with children and families in crisis" said Marvin Feigenspan, the director of Drop Inn in Iowa City.

For some it can be more meaningful than writing a check.

"Having a place to tangibly give an opportunity for people in our congregation to donate, it really inspires them" said Dan Feigenspan, a pastor at High Point City Church.

40 percent of Drop Inn's proceeds are going towards a medical clinic in Burkina Faso. The other 60 percent go to local organizations such as IC Compassion and Safe Families for Children.

"Some of the money they've given us, we've used for housing, housing expense for one of our families so that they would be able to stay in their house" said Teresa Stecker, the executive director of IC Compassion in Iowa City.

A statement from Safe Families for Children said "Drop Inn's support of Safe Families for Children has been a tremendous blessing! They have provided everything from a new computer for our office, to diapers, wipes, medicine, clothes, car seats, pack n plays, formula, and other needed items for children and families in the program. Additionally, they provide support for our operating costs. Safe Families would look much different without the support of Drop Inn, and not have near the impact that it does in the Corridor."

Drop Inn accepts almost anything from electronics to clothes, tools, and housewares. Feigenspan says it feels good to see their products being reused by people who need them.

"I had one individual come in and said when I came here I had no family, no connections, now I have a family" said Marvin.

Stecker says it's critical for organizations to work together to improve the community.

"People certainly donate now to Drop Inn because of the relationship and both ways, so when you have a win win what more could you ask for?" said Stecker.

Drop Inn has only two locations in the U.S. and they're in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. Drop Inn has 36 other stores in and around Ireland, which help people in more than 20 countries. It's a registered non-profit, so people can get tax deductions for their donations.