Iowa Board of Medicine to consider sexual abuse allegations against 'Dr. Doe'

Published: Nov. 5, 2019 at 2:58 PM CST
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The Iowa Board of Medicine is expected to decide whether to continue investigating a teenage patient's allegations that a Council Bluffs doctor sexually abused her during medical examinations.

The doctor has taken the unusual step of seeking a court order to stop the investigation, which has been in the initial stages for months. Court records identify him only as "John Doe."

He contends that the allegations are false and were fabricated by a troubled teenager after he denied her request for certain drugs.

The board is scheduled to hold a closed hearing Thursday to consider the case, if a court doesn't intervene.

An assistant attorney general representing the board has called the allegations extremely serious, and said that they should be swiftly investigated. The teen alleged the abuse occurred during pelvic and breast examinations.

In May, the medical board ordered the doctor to undergo a confidential evaluation as part of the investigation. He's been fighting that order, arguing there is no basis for the case to move forward.

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