Interfaith group gathers to clean graffiti

Published: May. 12, 2016 at 8:36 PM CDT
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Members of Sons of Jacob Synagogue showed a unified front this afternoon as they removed graffiti from their building.

Police are reviewing surveillance footage to try to figure out who drew crosses and wrote the words "Jesus Saves" on the synagogue. They have not made any arrests.

With the scrub of a few brushes and some paint solvent, volunteers say graffiti should be gone soon.

"It was very rewarding to see paint trickle down," Volunteer Justin Scott said.

While this may seem like an unlikely group: comprised of Christians, Jews and Atheists. Volunteers say it's vital to stand together, as one community.

"It was terrible to hear this, the Cedar Valley is better than this," Scott said.

This interfaith group wants vandals to know this behavior won't be tolerated throughout the region. A stance members of the Sons of Jacob Synagogue find comforting.

"We never knew how much to be threatened by this, we don't know who did it. It's hard to gauge the level of threat," Erin Maidan said.

Erin Maidan said her congregation never expected such vandalism to happen.

"After shock comes anger, after anger comes sadness but after sadness comes hope," Maidan said.

Hope, she says is easily seen with days like these.

Volunteers say it'll take a few cleaning tries to clear all of the spray paint. They say today's cleaning was a step towards healing.