Illinois woman second in U.S. to receive non-FDA approved heart valve procedure

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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - Charlene Schram is the second person to receive this heart valve procedure in the United States, and she is happy to be able to dance and feel like herself again.

"I feel blessed" said Schram.

Schram tried a new procedure that hasn't been approved by the FDA, but she knew it was the right choice to try it, according to sister station KWQC.

"I lost my son last year to heart failure and niece to heart failure, and so if it helps someone else-and my sister right now is in heart failure. So you know, it has to help others, that's why I did it" explained Schram.

It was a non-invasive procedure that worked well for her. "Well it is actually the band that was put around my tricuspid valve. It has little wires once they feed that up. So, it's amazing how little this is and how it can help you with the leakage in your valve."

Last week she went to California to connect with other people who have the same condition.

"I'm not sure how I expected to feel since it's so new and new on the horizon for people. It's an alternative to open heart surgery and I didn't know what to expect" said Schram, "I went into it with great hopes"

She's looking forward to being able to dance again, and "to living a longer life and not having cardio issues."

She was up and walking the same day as the procedure, and even got to go dancing on Monday night.

Experts say it's important to remember to always talk to your doctor, and explore your options.