Illinois school encourages students to 'walk up' to others, not just walk out

WOODHILL, Ill. (KWQC) -- Students at some schools on Wednesday held a "walk up" instead of a walk-out.

Middle and high school students in Woodhull, Illinois had an assembly honoring the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting. Then they walked up to other students they might not know well and took selfies with them.

All to promote a positive classroom environment.

"Because its way too easy to be cruel and mean and negative online, where as now, forcing to be positive face to face, and then transition that to social media," said David MIlls, principal at Alwood Middle School.

"And maybe a month from now you'll be able to go up to somebody in the hallway and you'll always be able to remember this and be able to talk to different people," said Keegan Brown, a high school senior.

The principal hopes students are able to better engage with each other outside of school.