IC council session debates code changes after Kinnick House debacle

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Could a second house, similar to the one being built right now that resembles Kinnick Stadium go up in Iowa City?

Not if the city council has a say. The council held a work session Tuesday night. They discussed city policies that allowed the 7,500 square foot home to go up. Mayor Jim Throgmorton said the issue was there is no legal requirement for there to be an advance notice given to neighbors about the issuing of a building permit.

So the neighbors were surprised when they heard about the project by accident. Some felt like the building permit process was very rushed and they're upset that they were not notified by the city about what the design of the home would look like. One woman said the house has already drawn lots of visitors.

"People are already driving down to see this project, turning around in this little dead end street. It's already a traffic hazard and a danger to pedestrians," said Patricia Koza of Iowa City.

The house's owner said the house won't be open to the public, but neighbors are concerned it will change the identity of Manville Heights. Throgmorton said that the city followed the code to the letter. While some city council members were concerned about the house being built, the law doesn't let the council pick and choose which codes to overrule.

"We cannot arbitrarily change their decision just because there's complications that are upsetting neighbors. We can't do that. If they're following the code as it's written, we can't insert our judgement," said Mayor Jim Throgmorton.