I9: Former FBI agent discusses search for Mollie Tibbetts

Published: Jul. 24, 2018 at 5:46 PM CDT
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I9 spoke with ABC news Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett. Garrett believes the FBI brings a lot to the table that will help local authorities. That includes manpower, technology, and expertise.

Garrett says the work the FBI does in cases like this is very important because the federal government simply has more resources at their disposal. Garrett says they will dig through Tibbett's social media and phone records to find out who she was in touch with around the time of her disappearance. The FBI can also help coordinate information among the various local agencies involved in the search.

"I think prioritizing leads that have the greatest potential to solve this case is one of keys you're going to look at," said Garrett.

Garrett says investigators are also closely looking into the possibility that someone Tibbetts knew may have harmed her. He adds the chances of a stranger having been involved in Tibbetts disappearance is statistically slim but remains something that the FBI will likely also consider as they look into this case.