How to determine the best snow for snowman building

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Plenty of snow has fallen across Eastern Iowa to start out 2020, but not all snow is good snowman building snow. Snow can put into 5 different categories based on moisture: dry, moist, wet, very wet, and slushy snow. Moist to wet snow is the ideal moisture content needed to build the best snowman.

If the snow is too dry, it is comparable to loose powder and in turn, the snow won’t stick together. On the other hand, if the snow has too much moisture and is slushy, it can’t form into a solid.

The best type of snowstorm that brings this type of snow is like what we saw this past week. Temperature hover either a degree or two above or below freezing and keep enough moisture in the snow for it to stick together.

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