Historic oak tree in Waverly coming down Friday

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WAVERLY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9)- Time is just about up for a historic tree in the community of Waverly.

The historic bur oak tree in Waverly in 1991. The tree was almost taken down that year but saved with a fund raising campaign.

The bur oak located next to the civic center in Waverly actually pre-dates the community. It's estimated to be at least 217 years old.

Last summer, the city decided because the tree was dying and in danger of toppling it had to come down.

On Friday, workers will begin cutting down the historic bur oak with the job expected to take two days.

The city plans to close off part of a parking lot and a walkway to accommodate the work.

The final acorns from the oak tree produced this fall will be used by the city's tree nursery to product saplings that will eventually be replanted.