High wind topples trees and trucks across Iowa

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -- It seemed no matter where they were, Iowans couldn't escape the wind, Thursday.

Thursday's high winds snapped this tree on 37th Street NE, which fell on top of a nearby vehicle. (Forrest Saunders/KCRG)

Gusts in some parts of the state surpassed 60 miles per hour. In eastern Iowa, Oelwein had the highest-- 64 mph.

Drivers of high profile vehicles had to be on high alert. Maybe 10 or more semis tipped over, according to reports from the Iowa State Patrol.

Weather experts believed winds blowing due east were hitting the broadside of trucks traveling north and south.

"I told the people on board it was going to be a shaky ride," said Mike Krantz, a 380 Express bus driver.

Krantz felt the full force of Mother Nature, while on the road. During his a.m. shift, he had to fight to keep the vehicle on a straight path.

"It was terrible," said Krantz. "There was one time it felt like it moved three feet on me. All the drivers were complaining."

For homeowners, it was debris.

Gerri Franz, who lives on 37th Street NE in Cedar Rapids, heard a loud crunch in the afternoon hours. She came outside to find a tree, planted in the 40s, had snapped and was now planted on top of her car.

"It's probably totaled, you know," said Franz. "I don't think it's fixable."

Cedar Rapids workers responded to around 15 calls for tree debris, throughout the day. Most of it, limbs blocking parts of roads across the city.

"Not a huge issue, no," said Todd Fagan, the city's arborist. "We got most everything cleaned up that we know about."

Fagan estimated crews we're nearly 80%-90% complete with their cleanup work in public spaces. He expected there would be some calls over the evening as residents came home to find debris near their property.