High school students create handicap accessible garden

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MONTICELLO, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Students from some area high schools on Thursday put the finishing touches onto several months of garden work. It's at Camp Courageous.

The students helped build a handicap accessible garden. The garden has fruits and vegetables along with raised beds and wide paths.

It took a year for volunteers with "Iowa BIG", a program where public school students complete projects for class credit, to create the garden. Volunteer Brooklyn Greis says she helped design the garden.

"The first few months have been some more manual labor trying to get it all in," said Greis.

The campers will now take over the maintenance of the garden. Executive Director of Camp Courageous Charlie Becker says the campers will get to also eat the fruits of their labor.

It took around 8 volunteers to get the project done.