Police: watch out for 'motion picture' money

Published: Dec. 26, 2018 at 5:18 PM CST
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Businesses and people have been reporting these to law enforcement agencies hoping to catch someone in a crime but police said they can't do anything if a business accepts a bill like this without realizing it's fake.

The Iowa Court of Appeals said, if the document isn't capable of deceiving, it doesn't constitute forgery.

Police Chief Dennis Marks said to specifically watch out for the ones that say 'motion picture money' because they tend to look more real than others, too.

"The key is just slow down and take a look," said Marks

Marks said, a lot of times, they're fooling retailers.

"It could be in convenience stores or with any retailer," said Marks. "They might not realize it until the bank calls them the next day."

Marks said those aren't the only ones in circulation. He advised people, if it doesn't look right or feel right, it probably isn't.

"It's difficult if you're in a hurry to notice the differences but there are differences," said Marks.

"With all the different scams that are going on out there, I'd try to be more aware of how I could possibly be a victim of some kind of a scam and if it was a hundred dollar bill I'd definitely be more careful," said Cedar Rapids Resident Kris McGarver.

It's not just happening to the big bills, either.

"The thing about it is, some people think 'well I'm going to look out for hundred dollar bills' but it's not just those. We've seen them in as low as five or ten dollar bill," said Marks.

Cedar Rapids police say it's a problem there, too. Somebody reported receiving fake bills in selling something to another person Wednesday morning.