Hiawatha Police looking for help to catch porch pirates

Published: Nov. 21, 2018 at 4:59 PM CST
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Hiawatha Police want to borrow your porch to help them catch thieves.

It's part of a plan to capture porch pirates in act. That's the nickname for people who pilfer packages delivered to doorsteps. Police want to put out decoy deliveries. They're real packages, with a hidden GPS inside to help authorities track down the criminals. In order to do that, they need volunteer porches.

"We don't like to just throw the packages on any random people's porch," said Hiawatha Police Officer Brett Bartels. "Anyone who wants to volunteer their time and their porch, we'd be happy to set it up and talk with them. It's helping the community stay safe."

Police had this initiative last year, too. Bartels said, since the word go out, no one actually took the bait. Bartels said that's a good sign because they'd rather prevent the crime in the first place.