Heat Safety: How to stay safe

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - High heat & humidity are in the forecast for Eastern Iowa over the next week. Heat is one of the top weather-killers in the United States.

The heat index is a measurement to show how hot it feels outside. So although the temperatures may be 92°, combine that with the humidity and it could feel like 102°.

What should you do during a heat event?
• Wear light-colored clothing
• Stay hydrated
• Check on the elderly & small children
• Don’t leave pets outside too long
• Take frequent breaks
• NEVER leave any pets of children inside of a car

The inside of a car can quickly heat up to over 120 degrees in a matter of minutes on a hot day. This is unsafe for any person or pet. Make sure to always check the back seat before you get out a car.