Hawkeye Football Star Spends Days off Helping Kids

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - A Hawkeye football star is inspiring kids on and off the football field.

During his time in Iowa City running back Jordan Canzeri has proven himself to be a dedicated volunteer.

"There's a lot of kids I've met and people that I've seen grow up and make the wrong decisions, so if there's anyway I can help push them in the right direction than that's something I'm willing to do," Canzeri said.

Currently, Canzeri volunteers with the non-profit organization "Strive for Success." Canzeri started volunteering with the organization earlier this fall to fulfill a class requirement, but even after completing his hours he continues to return and help kids catch-up on reading and spelling skills.

"It's just fun to see them interact and they're always just full energy," he said.

Canzeri is also a regular at the UI Children's Hospital where he meets with patients. On Thursday he delivered yellow roses to kids in the hospital to celebrate the Hawkeyes recent bid to play in the Rose Bowl.

"Jordan really helps our kids," said Caleb Thomas, executive director of Strive for Success. "They really look up to him."

Thomas said many of the kids want to be future Hawkeye football players too, and Canzeri teaches them the importance of getting good grades.

"They think they can just go and play football and make it," said Thomas. "They forget that in order to play football you have to get good grades."

Canzeri said he will be ready for his final football game in Pasadena next month. He says he will then be back to help the kids.

More information about Strive for Success is available on their website, striveforsuccess.org.