Has this month been unusually warm? No, it hasn’t

Courtesy: Iowa Environmental Mesonet

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - We’ve been getting in on the (probably) last bit of summer weather lately, with most days getting into the 80s. While it seems that this month has been notably warm so far, that just isn’t the case.

Cedar Rapids’ average high over September 1st through 17th was 78.9 degrees. Last year, it was 80.8 degrees, a full two degrees warmer! In fact, half of the time since 2010, the first 17 days of September have been warmer than this one.

2018: 80.8°
2017: 79.2°
2016: 79.4°
2015: 82.0°
2014: 71.9°
2013: 82.2°
2012: 77.7°
2011: 73.5°
2010: 76.4°

So why does it seem like we’re in an awfully summer-like situation?

One reason is perception: we’re really bad at remembering things like the weather from as far back as a year ago or longer!

The second reason is that it has been unusually humid. The amount of time with a dew point of at least 65 degrees this month has been well above the average. We’re approaching 200 hours this month with that level of mugginess. Since 2010, only three times has September had more than 200 hours of that, and that’s over the entire month!

As is often the case, it’s not so much the heat… it’s the humidity.