HS robotics team makes car for 2yo with Spina Bifida

Published: Dec. 18, 2017 at 10:30 PM CST
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Robotics teams from high schools around the country often compete to see who can build the best bot. But a couple Michigan high school teams decided to turn their attention to a young boy who isn't able to get around.

It's part of the school district's "Go Baby Go!" program. The teams create a custom motorized car for a young child with disabilities.

Jeremiah Nelson is almost two years old, diagnosed with spina bifida, his mobility is limited.

"He's not able to crawl or walk or anything like that and so having the opportunity to move around the freedom of being able to do it on his own I think it will be pretty exciting for him," said Jeremiah's mom, Danielle.

With guidance from mentors and electricians, the students hand crafted a motorized car. The car is customized specifically for Jeremiah's needs.

"You have to think of the design, because there's no manual to it. Everything has to be specialized towards the child," said Matthew Cary, one of the students who helped design the car. He says it's a lot of hard work-- but the reward is priceless.

"It's fantastic in its own right, because you know your helping somebody else that wouldn't be able to help themselves in that situation," Cary said.

And it if it wasn't clear from the smile on his face, Jeremiah's mom says his new car is something he will truly love.

"He's a little flirt, so the more people he has to flirt with the better. The car will give him an opportunity to interact more with young kids, too, and getting that opportunity will be priceless for him," Danielle said.

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