HD Youth Center closing after 22 years

An image of Henry Davison (center) posted to the HD Youth Center's Facebook page, Sunday. (Courtesy: HD Youth Center).

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -- The HD Youth Center in Cedar Rapids has announced it is closing.

The board says it is transitioning away from the after school program toward a scholarship program.

In an announcement about the closure, the board writes, "Our community has seen much change since Henry Davison started the HD Youth Center on 3rd Street back in 1997 .. The HD Youth Center is now poised to transition away from after-school programming and pursue a new direction to honor Henry Davison's vision."

The transition to the Henry Davison Scholarship Program will begin Saturday.

Board president Steve Springer said with the current level of resources and financial predictions, the center would only be able to stay open for another year. He said the center had also seen decreasing enrollment. So Springer said the scholarship program would help push forward Davison's vision of supporting young people in Cedar Rapids for years to come.

"The HD Youth Center board would like to thank all in the community who have supported us through the years," Springer said.

Davison started the HD Youth Center 22 years ago and it grew to be a positive place for kids to go in the afternoon for a meal, tutoring and mentoring. Davison died February 9 at the age of 92.