HACAP’s 4th Street Diner dishing up companionship along with meals

Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 5:40 PM CST
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HACAP's Fourth Street Diner in Vinton has been serving up meals at its current location since 1987.

There are a few things that make HACAP's Fourth Street Diner in Vinton different than other meal sites. You don't have to call to make a reservation, it's all you can eat, and, there's an ice cream machine. People at the site on Thursday told TV9 that it's the companionship that keeps them coming back.

Including Nancy Long, who’s been coming to the diner Sunday through Friday for the past three years.

“It's better than being in the house by yourself alone,” Long said.

Long says she enjoys talking with her friends about their grandkids over a hot meal.

“My doctor told me to get myself down here and come eat here,” Long explained. “She said my blood work didn't look so good, I guess what I was feeding myself wasn't very good.”

Frank Kruse and Nancy Long were kindergarten classmates, and catch up at the diner.

“The meals that are served here probably have kept a lot of us alive in our golden years,” Kruse said.

“At home, I would just be eating TV dinners or bologna sandwiches.”

After lunch is served from 11:30-1, diners stick around for activities like bands or bingo.

“They’re playing the old-time music that we can hum, sing, or some even dance to, and that's a frequent experience here,” Kruse said.

While seniors are the most common crowd, it's open to everyone.

“We sometimes serve people under the age of one, we have people who are almost 100 who come and eat here,” said site supervisor Linda Lough.

Serving up a smile, along with lunch.

For those 60 and older, there's just a suggested donation. People under 60 are asked to pay the full cost of the meals.