Group dances "Nelken Line" across Iowa City

Published: Mar. 31, 2018 at 5:10 PM CDT
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People in Iowa City danced the day away bringing German choreography to Iowa City. The Nelken Line is a dance of the four seasons.

"The music gets me into it," said Cedar Rapids Resident Patricia Vahanian. "It's uplifting, we're doing the seasons so it's kind of right in the moment. You discover new feelings as you go."

It's not the first time a flash dance of this type has been done.

"(People have done it from) Morrocco to Chile to Thailand so I said why not Iowa City?" said Nora Garda.

Garda may be a chemist at the University of Iowa but she says her passion lies in the art of dance.

"The most beautiful part is being able to work with so many people," said Garda. "Even though the choreography is very simple, it's very energetic to be with a lot of people."

The idea is for people across the globe to record themselves performing then the Pina Bausch Foundation will string it all together to make a video.

"That connectivity is so important nowadays with all the stress," said Iowa City Resident Cameron Spears.

Garda received the Matching Fund Grant. With that and some help from her friends they worked together to make Saturday's ensemble possible.

"Since you're with your friends, or people that are at least willing to be friendly, it loosens the atmosphere," said Spears.

"It shows you it's not a very complicated so anybody can do it and it gives you inclusion," said Vahanian.