Group aims to teach Iowa how to better advocate for education

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CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Plenty of people are fired up over what's happening in education, right now, both nationally and state wide. Thursday, a group of parents and educators gathered in Cedar Falls to do something about it. Learn.

What some thought was going to be a small, intimate meeting with just a few, turned out to need two rooms.

People came from two districts, for different reasons-- whether it was Betsy DeVos becoming Education Secretary, or the state's lower than desired school funding bill.

Whatever the reasons, the goal was the same-- learn how to better advocate for education.

A non-partisan group called Parents for Great Iowa Schools put the meeting together. They spent more than an hour teaching the crowd various ways to get more involved in advocacy. Which, organizers admit isn't always easy.

"You could see a bill that's 68 pages," said Rose Green, with Parents for Great Iowa Schools. "If you don't do that very often, that could be a very difficult task. That could turn you away from engaging."

The group helped break down some of the complicated issues in education, currently. Members then encouraged people to take the next steps-- advocate in Des Moines. Call lawmakers. Voice opinions.

"We need to make them (politicians) accountable," said Sharina Sallis, a Waterloo mother who attended. "If we have asked you to do something-- asked you to represent us-- then you need to know what you should represent us on."

There are going to more meetings across the state. Organizers aren't exactly sure where yet.