Grassley 'nervous' about tariffs

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WASHINGTON (KCRG-TV9) -- Sen. Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa says he's nervous about tariffs.

"First, I'm a free trader. Second, if the president can get us a level deal with countries that can import into the United States with hardly any tariffs and we have to pay 25 percent in their country and you can get a level playing field, who wouldn't want the president to accomplish it? But he's negotiating, I think as a business person," Grassley said.

Grassley said if Trump takes his competitor to the brink and doesn't go over the brink, the United States will get a better deal.

However, if he doesn't go over the brink, Grassley said there could be some issued.

"It's catastrophic and right now on soybeans and corn in my state, it's catastrophic with the dramatic drops in prices we've had. It's the uncertainty of it that bothers people, not the fact that what the president is trying to accomplish," Grassley said.