Governor signs County Supervisor district plan

Linn County Supervisors at a March, 2017 meeting (KCRG file)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Large counties in Iowa will be required to use districts to choose county supervisors.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed that change into law today. Previously, counties had three options on how to select supervisors: (1) all at-large, (2) by district with voters voting across districts or (3) by district with voters only voting within their district. The law requires counties with 60,000 population or more to use option 3 only - but only if the county elects to change its system.

Linn County, which just elected to change from a 5-person board to a 3-person board using districts, opposed the rule even though voters opted for the now required option. Supervisors say that's because the law takes away choices.

“People got unsatisfied with their local government and in this case it was the make-up of the board of supervisors. They got a petition together, got it on the ballot and the people voted for a change. Under this legislation, this choice is taken away,” Supervisor John Harris said earlier this year.