Glyn Mawr brings family wine business to downtown Mount Vernon

Published: Jun. 4, 2019 at 9:37 PM CDT
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A piece of downtown Mount Vernon property that has been in the family for nearly 40 years seemed like a great place for Anna Wilson and her mom, Brenda Broulik, to try a new business venture.

Glyn Mawr Winery operates a tasting room at 103 First Street NW. It is a place to showcase their locally-sourced wines, which are produced from six varieties of grapes produced on the family farm near Olin. Ten years of work on that vineyard has led to the ability to produce around 9,000 bottles of wine.

The business features a tasting room on the main floor and a space in the basement that they rent out for events.

The location in a historic downtown building was a perfect spot for the business to grow. But, it needed work before Smith and Broulik found it acceptable for what they had in mind.

"It was a whole transformation," Broulik said. "So, we took it level-by-level, structural issue by structural issue, and restored and preserved as much of the history of the building as we could."

During the renovations, which took around a year and a half to complete, they uncovered a mural painted in 1973. It depicts a farm auction somewhere in the Sutliff area, which is located to the south of Mount Vernon.

"These were some snapshots that were taken during that, and a family had given them to a local artist to try to put together a mural, and this is what she came up with," Broulik said.

The mural actually depicts real people from the area, some of which still have family that lives nearby.

"They were very happy to come in and pick 'em out, and give us names," Broulik said. "And it was quite fun to have 'em stop by and see some of the memories."

All of the hard work by the mother and daughter duo has paid off on the bottom line.

"The wines are selling well," Smith said.

While increased movement of their product is nice, the best part for Smith is how they got there.

"I get to work with my mom every day," Smith said. "And I think a lot of people find inspiration in our story that we can be just a small family doing a small business, and working hard and still succeeding."

Glyn Mawr's tasting room is open Wednesday through Sunday.