'Generate' lab at UnityPoint St. Luke's helping healthcare workers treat coronavirus pandemic

Published: May. 15, 2020 at 7:36 AM CDT
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Healthcare workers at UnityPoint St. Luke's in Cedar Rapids are using their innovation lab to come up with ways to stay safe during the coronavairus pandemic.

The Generate Lab at UnityPoint St Luke's was created for healthcare workers to come down and turn some of their ideas into life. Lately they have been working on the coronavirus pandemic.

It's been around since last November. Since the end of March, they have been responding to the pandemic. Healthcare workers are coming down to make masks.

They also work on ways for staff to safely talk to patients with face shields. Workers also have this cool tool to make sure people are washing their hands.

"It turns yellow when you walk by and flashes and say hey did you watch your hands,” It turns green when you wash your hands,” said Rose Hedges Research and Innovation Coordinator.

The lab is big enough for healthcare workers to create while social distance. Any hospital worker can come down. Leaders say it's a good way to respond to the pandemic while building bonds with each other.

"We want to make sure that our employees, and everyone feels safe and their thoughts are heard,” said Hedges. “As well as we can act on those and iterate those ideas.”

They have more than a dozen projects that they are working on at the lab. Some are Covid-19 related, while others are not.