Funeral home offering a life-saving app for free

Published: Jul. 11, 2017 at 5:19 PM CDT
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Murdoch Funeral Homes is offering a life-saving app for free to people in Linn and Delaware Counties. They are paying Vital App to offer their services to residents.

It works a little like a life alert button but with some modern twists. A person can download the app to their smartphone, and enter Murdoch’s four digit code. That code is 1549.

The app stores personal information. Jeff Rosauer from Murdoch explains, "It's a place for people to record their medical history, emergency contacts, medications they take, those sort of things. So if they are in an emergency it's easy for the paramedics or EMT's to easily get at it."

If a person is unconscious when paramedics come. The lock screen on the phone has the personal information on there. It also has an alarm that a person can set off to alert somebody nearby, and a notify emergency group to send out a group text to loved ones.

The text is sent to ten people. The app then sends the person’s location to those people in the group text. Vital Ice also gives instructions on what to do if there's an emergency.

Frank Hastings created the app in 2015 after his mother died of pancreatic cancer. “A lot of times she was at home when my father was away working. I am an only child, and so just me being able to have access to my mom if she'd fallen ill at home, or calling for first responders to come to our home I'd certainly like to be there as a son."