Four Univ. of Iowa fraternities shut down after alcohol, hazing incidents

Published: Dec. 13, 2018 at 6:33 PM CST
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The University of Iowa announced four fraternities will not be allowed to operate on campus following an investigation into incidents involving hazing and alcohol.

The Kappa Sigma, Delta Chi, and Sigma Nu fraternity chapters, as well as the Sigma Alpha Epsilon colony are no longer to operate at the University of Iowa.

University officials made the announcement during a press conference Thursday evening. The action comes after the conclusion of comprehensive investigations into incidents involving hazing and alcohol.

“Parents and families send their loved ones to the UI with the expectation that their safety, health, and well-being will be the top priority,” University of Iowa President J. Bruce Harreld said in a statement. “These decisions honor that expectation.”

The Kappa Sigma International Fraternity revoked the charter of the Beta-Rho chapter and the university removed the chapter’s status as a registered student organization after an investigation confirmed violations of both university and international fraternity policies regarding alcohol and hazing.

Delta Chi, Sigma Nu, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s student organization registration status was revoked as a result of multiple violations of university policy, including tailgates.

The fraternities will not continue to operate as a recognized fraternity or a registered student organization.

The university completed investigations involving other fraternities placed on temporary suspension for allegations, including tailgates.

That means the school won't recognize them and they won't get funding other student organizations get. The university said this will affect about 400 students. Men can still live in the fraternity houses since they're privately-owned. New pledges do get a chance to pledge elsewhere. University of Iowa Student Life Vice President Melissa Shivers said Kappa Sigma's international chapter was so upset about the hazing that they revoked their charter.

"Usually when national chapters get involved, they understand the significance of the incidents and they want to make sure that they're able to be responsive and continue to be in alignment with who they are," said Shivers.

*Phi Kappa Psi: There was not a preponderance of evidence to find the chapter responsible for allegations, including tailgates.

*Sigma Chi: There was not a preponderance of evidence to find the chapter responsible for allegations, including tailgates.

*Acacia: Placed on probation

*Beta Theta Pi: Placed on probation

*Pi Kappa Alpha: Placed on probation

*Pi Kappa Phi: Placed on probation

*Sigma Phi Epsilon: Placed on probation

*Sigma Pi: Placed on probation

*Phi Delta Theta: Placed on deferred suspension

Implementation of the approved recommendations will begin no later than spring 2019. The students have until January 11 to appeal the university's decision.

"It's challenging," said Shivers. "We always believe our students are able to engage and be a part of the community. I still believe that they are able to be a part of the community however the important focus on health and safety will continue."

The UI banned alcohol at its fraternity and sorority events after a student died in 2017. Friends found Kamil Jackowski dead at their formal for Sigma Chi at Lake of the Ozarks. In October, the university opened an investigation into nine fraternities over alcohol use at tailgates.