Former Glenwood center manager claims she warned state leaders of 'sexual arousal' studies

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 12:12 PM CST
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A former Glenwood Resource Center manager says she warned top state leaders of wrongdoing at the center 2-years-ago.

It's at the center of a department of justice investigation into human subject experiments on people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Former director of quality management, Katherine Rall resigned in 2018. According to a resignation letter submitted to WOI, it was due to the "destructive and hostile tactics and environment employed by my immediate supervisor Jerry Rea."

She says her suspension was retaliation for her questioning Rea's practices. Rea, the former facility director, is accused of conducting "sexual arousal" studies on residents.

Rall says she filed a complaint in November of 2017 with the Department of Administrative Services but never heard back. She wrote her letter of resignation to Jerry Foxhoven, then the director of the Iowa Department of Human Services in 2018--alleging the poor conditions at the center.

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