Florida votes to phase out greyhound racing, could impact Dubuque dog track

Published: Nov. 8, 2018 at 12:09 PM CST
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Greyhound racing in Dubuque could suffer because of an election outcome in Florida.

The state voted on Tuesday to phase out greyhound racing by 2020.

Florida is home to 11 of the 17 greyhound tracks across the country.

In Dubuque, Iowa Greyhound Park General Manager Brian Carpenter said that many tracks closing could be bad for the industry.

With fewer tracks, he expects the number of dog breeders to decrease, which would make it hard for Dubuque to get dogs.

Carpenter said many people vote on the Florida races at Dubuque's park. When those close, that could also mean a loss of revenue for Iowa Greyhound Park.

"We're not really sure how that will affect us, people coming to bet on the Florida tracks," he said. "But we may bring more here to bet on us, we'll see how that goes in the future, we really don't know at this moment."

The Iowa Greyhound Park runs on a subsidy from the Q Casino, but that only lasts for another three years. After that, Carpenter said the track will have to be self-sustaining.

He's not sure yet how the park will handle the decision in Florida, but he said the board plans to talk it over.