Flexsteel officially breaks ground on new facility

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) Flexsteel Industries officially broke ground on their new facility at 501 Seippel Road in Dubuque on Monday, October 2.

Groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the new Flexsteel Industries facility at 501 Seippel Road in Dubuque on Monday, October 2, 2017.

Back in May, Flexsteel announced they would build a $25 million facility at the Seippel Road location, which is in the Dubuque Industrial Center South.

By building the new facility, more than 200 jobs will be kept in Dubuque.

Rick Dickinson with Greater Dubuque Development Corporation kicked off the groundbreaking event by thanking each person, group or government entity that was involved in making the project happen.

Dickinson said, "They could be anywhere in the world. They had multiple sites around the nation, but they chose to be in Dubuque."

Flexsteel President Karel Czaderna also thanked all of the people who worked with Flexsteel to build this new facility.

She said the Dubuque County Supervisors, Dubuque City Council members, the unions and more made it happen.

"It's a lot of people saying it's important to retain businesses like Flexsteel that have good, very good manufacturing jobs, good engineering jobs, good product development jobs, and to keep those jobs here in the city of Dubuque," she said.

Czanderna said as they've been in Dubuque for 81 years now, they see this new facility taking them into their next 80 years in the city.

She said the new facility will also be environmentally friendly.

Dickinson sees this building as a way to keep the company and jobs in Dubuque for many more years to come.

He said, "Nearly everyone in Dubuque, one way or another, has been touched by Flexsteel, either because we chose to purchase the greatest upholstered furniture in the world, or we have a loved one that's worked there. So it's a great story and this is the beginning of a new era that will serve generations to come."

Flexsteel is actually donating their current facility to Dubuque Initiatives. They're a non-profit corporation working to revitalize downtown Dubuque. Along with 40 acres of land, Flexsteel will donate $2.7 million.