Five Flags manager says selling out shows depends on the act

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) -- REO Speedwagon played the Five Flags Center in Dubuque to a near sold out audience on Thursday.

The Five Flags Civic Center in Dubuque. (Allison Wong, KCRG-TV9)

The show can seat about 2,400 and at around 2 pm, there were only a couple hundreds tickets left.

Five Flags General Manager HR Cook says it's not uncommon for them to sell out with names like REO Speedwagon, Chicago or Willie Nelson. Even family shows do well, he said.

Cook said It's not possible to get bigger acts because of the age and size of the facility.

He said they tried to get Sir Elton John to stop by on his farewell tour, but it didn't work out.

"He has a certain capacity, but he also has a certain money that he's asking for, and in a building this size it doesn't work," Cook explained. "He won't come to a building probably this old."

The  city of Dubuque is considering renovating what's there or tearing down the center to build a new one.

It does run on a subsidy from the city.