First Zero Energy Ready Homes built in Cedar Rapids

Published: Jun. 17, 2019 at 3:42 AM CDT
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An eastern Iowa builder says he's bringing the future of housing to Cedar Rapids.

Allan Custom Homes built the first two Zero Energy Ready Homes in Cedar Rapids. The townhomes are located at 700 and 702 Dorchester Place NE.

Zero Energy Ready Homes are the most energy-efficient homes without having solar panels. They are about 50 percent more energy efficient than a typical home. The US Department of Energy has a person inspect the homes to meet the qualifications

It's a trend that is spreading across the U.S. There's been a 70% increase since 2016, according to the Net Zero Energy Coalition. These homes have LED lights, efficient heating and air systems, and low air infiltration rates.

These energy efficient homes cost a little bit more than normal homes but workers say they save money in the long run.

"When you run the numbers on your energy savings in these particular homes they reduce your property taxes and your insurance,” said Paul Brundell, owner of Allan Custom Homes. “The net effect for a comparably sized home finished area, you have more cash in your pocket at the end of each month. “

There's no tax credits for getting this home, but there would be if they added the panels. The home at 702 Dorchester Place NE has been sold. The home at 700 Dorchester Place NE has not. It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house.

Allan Custom Homes isn't the only eastern Iowa builder taking part in the program. There are builders in Iowa City, Dubuque, Anamosa and Solon listed on the Department of Energy's Website. Some of them don't have homes ready yet.

to learn more about zero energy ready homes.

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