Fire Departments recommend closed doors at night

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MARION, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Shutting your doors before bed could make a world of difference if a fire were to start in your home. A recent fire in the Bronx spread rapidly because a door was left open.

Marion Fire Department officials said they’ve seen plenty of cases where a closed doors could have, and have, saved a home.

“When you’re sleeping at night it keeps the smoke out of your bedroom longer and when there’s a fire in one of the other rooms, it keeps the smoke, the heat, the flame, everything contained to one room instead of spreading,” District Chief Doug Wyman said. “If everything is contained to that one room, we can get in there and put it out in pretty good shape without doing much damage to the rest of the house.”

Wyman said smoke and flames will go wherever there is oxygen.

“You’ll see close to the same fire, where if it’s in one room and door is closed, the rest of the house you’ll go through and there’s not any damage whatsoever,” Wyman said.

When a fire starts, the most important thing is to get out, but Wyman said if you can remember to shut the door behind you, you’re also saving yourself some damage.

“If you can keep it compartmentalized in a small area, it’s much easier to put the fire out,” he said.