Finkenauer introduces bill to help hospitals

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -- Iowa hospitals are in a difficult situation. The state ranks seventh in the nation for Medicare Reimbursement rates. That means Iowans' payments are lower and there is less income to support health care providers and keep the doors open.

Rep. Abby Finkenauer (Courtesy:

Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer says there are 17 hospitals in the state called "tweener" hospitals that are not "critical access" but are not some of the larger hospitals either. She says those are at risk of closing because they're not getting the correct funding that they should be. Finkenauer has proposed a bill, 'Physicians Serving Patients Act of 2019.' It looks at the accurate costs of running a hospital in Iowa.

"It's trying to create that equity between rural America and our cities which have the highest reimbursement rates and able to attract more physicians," Finkenauer said. She announced the new bill on Monday.