February Student of the Month: Sara Simon

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CENTER POINT, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) One student is using the motivation and focus she learned through sports to one day pursue a career in the medical field.

When she's not on the range or dribbling on the court, she spends her time helping others.

Sara Simon is a 17-year-old Senior from Center Point-Urbana High School who works hard, does well in school and loves spending time with her family.

But she also harbors a unique talent that sets her apart from her fellow students.

"I started trap shooting when I was eight years old and I've loved it ever since,” says Simon.

She says breaking a target over and over again requires more than physical strength.

"Like you just have to mentally have that toughness like hey, I can break this bird, keep my head down and I'm good, like break the bird, see the bird, break the bird and I'm good,” says Simon.

She's won a number of trophies, including one from the Iowa State Trap Shoot, one of the largest Trap shoot competitions in the country.

"This is from 2016, this last year, it's a Denny Bigelow Hall of Fame Handicap, I won Lady 1,” says Simon.

And she's also a member of the Center Point-Urbana High School Basketball Team.

Her coaches say she's a huge support for younger teammates.

"She's one of those that will do whatever it takes off the floor verbally to kind of build people up, help them out during the games,” says Center Point-Urbana Basketball Coach Philip Klett.

But her real passion lies in helping people, which is why she's already become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

"I just want to do that and help people get back to themselves, get healthy so they're living their full quality of life like I love seeing people like healthy and happy and it just like makes me really happy,” Simon

Sara's dad says his daughter became interested in nursing at an early age.

"Her maternal grandmother was in the Dennis & Donna Oldorf Center at the end of her life and she was kind of a grandmas girl and she was there for the whole process and following that, that's where she really got the bug that that's what she wanted to do was get into nursing,” says Sara’s father Jim Simon.

"There's always a need for nurses and I can't wait to become one,” says Simon.

When she graduates, she'll begin her next step at Kirkwood Community College to pursue her dream of joining the medical field.

But while she's not studying or passing the ball to her teammates, she can always be found outside shooting with her dad on the range.

"She consistently beats old dad and I get used to it after a while,” laughs Jim Simon.